Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Think About It: "Tolerance"


Have you ever noticed that whenever someone implores you to be "tolerant", they always place within that request an expectation for you to not tolerate something? Think about it.

What are these people really saying when they demand you to be "tolerant"? Are they really "tolerant" of your view if they expect that you should change it? See what I mean?

What do people really mean by "tolerance"? Tolerance of what?

The same holds true for "close-mindedness". You'll notice that whenever someone dismisses your view because it's "close-minded", that they're actually being "close-minded" to the possibility you could be right.

So where does that lead us? What should we be tolerant of, and intolerant of? Should each person just be tolerant of whatever they feel like they should be tolerant of? Should you be tolerant of something simply because another person tells you you should, or because the majority opinion of the day says you should?

Is it actually a question of "tolerance" at all?

Who's standard should we use to determine what to be tolerant of and what not to, after all? I do have an answer, but you're probably not going to like it...

Think about it.

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